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Oferim la possibilitat de tenir aquest servei addicional per dur a terme una avaluació de la capacitat de comunicació dels candidats de manera que els nostres clients puguin contractar persones amb el nivell d'idioma que estan buscant.

Aquesta avaluació consisteix en un examen teòric, un exercici d’addició, comprensió lectora i redacció i una valoració oral d’uns 5 minuts.

Level Tests

Babelia offers its clients a comprehensive level test so that we can establish a starting point for the course, in accordance with the Common European Framework for Languages. 

We offer all potential customers a free level test for everyone taking the course which allows us to test their theoretical knowledge and assign students into their respective groups.

Our clients also have the option to have a teacher conduct a comprehensive level test in person.  We use the most up-to-date methods and a wide range of resources to accurately indentify the student’s current level.  We think it is essential to clearly identify the students’ levels at the beginning of the course so that we are better able to measure their progress. 

It is quite common for levels to be assigned subjectively, that’s why we use strict criteria that accurately measures the students’ abilities at speaking, writing, listening and reading.  We know that our customers expect to get the most out of their investment in language training and this is the best way to demonstrate the effective results of our programs.

Fell free to ask our sales reps about the free level test upon solicitation of course information.  We can get the results back to you within 24 hours!

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