Terms Of Use

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1. Introduction

“babelia-formacion.com” refers to the “BABELIA FORMACION S.L.” website (hereinafter known as “Babelia”), which provides information to clients about the company and its services

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2. Privacy Policy

“Babelia” guarantees confidentiality of personal information provided by clients for automatic data processing, in strict adherence to legislation and clauses relating to personal data protection

3.  Intellectual and Industrial Property

“Babelia” is the titleholder of intellectual property rights of the content of all the pages of this website. Consequently, any transformation, reproduction, distribution and public broadcast whatsoever is not permitted except for personal and private use. Furthermore, all trade names, logos, marks or symbols contained within the “Babelia” website are thus legally copyrighted and protected.

4. Technical information

“Babelia” will not be held responsible for damages that derive from interference, interruptions, freezes, information viruses, telephone line breakdowns or operating system disconnections resulting from events beyond “XXXXXX”’s control, or damages caused by third party intrusion outwith “Babelia” 's control

By the same token, “Babelia” is exempt from liability for damages caused to the end user as a result of mistakes, omissions, or bad use of information.