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How do we achieve it?

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The first step in our personalized approach is to create a profile for each of our clients by conducting a thorough level assessment and needs analysis, followed by a discussion with the students on the long term and short term goals of the course. 

We also ask the students to participate in the selection of content and materials by telling us what their preferences are and what kind of language they are interested in learning, such as professional, or general, or specific to their job. 

Based on this information gathered during the first couple of classes, along with a clear identification of the students’ current level and their weaknesses with the language, we are fully prepared to create a customized course outline specifically adapted to the needs and objectives of the group.

We then provide our students with continuous feedback through periodic evaluations and follow-up sessions so that we can identify problem areas and work on them until they are corrected.

Additionally, we follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to evaluate our students and provide accurate feedback regarding the students’ levels.  You can learn more about this by clicking on the following links

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