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In Company Language Training

Language training for companies, throughout Spain babelia españa

Language training for companies

Babelia Formación In Company is a well-established language school dedicated to In Company language training for professionals. We were founded in 1999 and have grown considerably over years, now able to provide services to our clients all over the country and in any language. We have more than 130 professional trainers from all over the world whose primary goal is to help their students progress with the languages they are learning.

Essentially, we teach any language that our clients require and our method and materials are perfectly adapted and personalized in order to meet the learner’s specific needs. Not only do we give English language classes to professionals, but we also teach any language that our clients might need, such as; Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, or other more uncommon languages such as Russian, Japanese, and Arabic.

In Company: Most Popular Services

English for business

In Company Language training to businesses of all sizes and sectors. In operation since 1999 and delivering language courses to companies all over Spain. As well as English, we offer courses in any language our clients require with the same focus on business skills.

Face to face

Cursos de idiomas para empresas elaborados a medida de sus necesidades. Contenidos adaptados al puesto del alumno y al sector de la empresa. Enfoque comunicativo. En grupos reducidos o individuales. Nos desplazamos a cualquier localidad de España.

Distance learning

Nuestros cursos más demandados, Consisten en dos horas de preparación elearning por cada hora de sesión telefónica con un profesor nativo y experto. Progresos garantizados. Además de inglés, ofrecemos otros idiomas para empresas.

Subsidised courses

Puedes bonificar tu formación In Company con Babelia. Nuestros asesores te ayudarán a optimizar tu crédito. Además, nosotros nos encargamos de preparar la documentación necesaria y de gestionar todos los trámites para conseguir la bonificación.

Level tests

Determina de manera homologada el nivel de inglés real (o de cualquier idioma) en tus procesos de selección. Nuestras pruebas de nivel analizan la capacidad comunicativa según el Marco Común Europea de Referencia para las Lenguas (MCERL).

Intensive courses

Specialized training that is custom made, in any language. Our intensive language courses are aimed at professionals and are designed to progress rapidly in a short period of time. Special focus on business communication skills.

In Company Training


Babelia Formación In Company works with corporations and businesses of all sizes and in any industry: energy, logistics, finance, pharmaceutical, telecom.

We presently work with more than 200 clients and we work tirelessly to establish long term relationships and strives for a stable and progressive relationship which benefits all parties. Each of our clients have needs that can be totally different, therefor we must be completely flexible and adapt to each concrete case. This is necessary in order to continuously offer courses that are personalised appropriately, and key objectives met.

Along with adapting our methodologies and contents to the specific needs and objectives of our clients, we also select the most appropriate professional teacher according to the profile of teacher our clients require: specific experience in certain professions, a specific accent or nationality, etc...


We are based in Madrid and offer in company language training to a wide range of companies in the capital. We cover the entire Madrid region.


We have been operating in Barcelona for over 15 years and offer a full range of language training courses, adapted for each company.

Rest of Spain

Our language training courses are available in the entire Spanish territory, including Zaragoza, A Coruña, Sevilla, Valencia, Bilbao, Las Palmas...

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In Company Language Training

We offer courses in any language to companies around Spain, particularly in Madrid and Barcelona due to volume and demand, face to face and long distance training in any language. Other locations of our clients include Bilbao, Zaragoza, Málaga, Sevilla, A Coruña, Caceres, Islas Canarias, Baleares, and in many more.

Our training is completely flexible and adaptable. We provide training in any language, in any location, at any time, for any sector!

We are proud to be considered among the top In Company language training centers in the country. Our experience has taught us much on how to meet the demands of our clients and students, whom benefit from quality professional training.

We offer personalized training adapted to any sector or industry, and we will send our teachers to your facilities wherever the location or timetable requested.


Intercountry Going Beyond

Intercountry is Franco-Spanish group with a turnover of more than 7€ million.

We count on a team of more than 400 people are among the top 10 language schools in France.